As early as a very young age, I've always wanted to go to Japan. I was introduced to it obviously through watching a lot of anime, something I still do, but eventually I've come to appreciate the language and culture of the country as well. I'm not exactly a fanatic but when my brother invited me to come with him to visit Japan back late 2015, I did not hesitate and immediately accepted his invitation.

Needless to say it was probably the most amazing experience I've had in 18 years. Everything about the country was absolutely beautiful, from the clean urban city streets to the stunning rural areas we visited. Visiting the Hiroshima peace park and taking the tour in the museum was also an exhilarating, yet sad experience. But really, the whole trip was an absolute blast from going to festivals and trying out all the street food and basically experiencing japanese cuisine.

We didn't check in at hotels and only found places to stay with AirBnb as well as staying at a friend's place for one night. This also improved our experience as we used rooms with tatami mats and futons.

It was beautiful and I still can't get over it, but all this typing was just really trying to segue into shamelessly plugging my video in this post, which I never got around to editing until this week:

my 2015 Japan Trip Highlight Reel:

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